Community profile: Here Comes the Titans


by Will Doney (Club Reporter)

The Legal Titan School 4H club started their first year on September 18th, 2013 after school in the town of Legal. The club starts at about 3:30 p.m. after school every second Wednesday. Our 4H club was started by the grade 2 teacher, Mrs. Kieser and the club offers many projects like, Foods, Pets, Clothing, Fit for Life, and Cleavers.

The Cleavers is for members ages 8 and lower. The kids will be able to play with other Cleavers and do activities with other groups. The Cooking group will be in the school cafeteria learning how to cook with various recipes and will be learning how to safely use kitchen supplies like blenders, stoves and other kitchen utensils. The Fit for Life group will be doing runs in the Legal area and working out in the fitness room to shape up and build muscle. In the Pets group the members will be learning about how to take care of several different types of pets and the kids will even get a chance to bring in their pets and show them off. And last but not least, the Clothing group will be learning to sew and will take field trips to Fabricland to look at several fabrics and sew them into pillows, purses, shirts and even boxers for boys.

The Legal Titans 4H club is off to a great start and we are looking forward to public speaking, judging and fieldtrips. We know it will be a great year for our new club.


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