Letter: MCHS spreading donation



Last week you were with us at No Frills when we received a donation from Chris and Tracy to support the Hot Lunch Program that happens at the three Catholic Schools in town. That cheque for $3,312.00 was collected by No Frills through donations provided by the store, their employees (many of whom are current MCHS students or alumni) and their customers, to assist with our program to feed students from families who are not necessarily able to do so themselves, on a daily basis.

Through discussions with Chris and Tracy and the administration at the three Catholic Schools, we are also going to include Morinville Public Elementary School (MPES) as a recipient of funds from the donation made to us by No Frills. MPES does not have a Hot Lunch Program set-up the way that the Catholic Schools have, but they do support students with lunches on an as-needed basis.

We will be sending MPES a cheque in the next day or so, from the donation provided by Chris, Tracy, their employees and customers.


Todd Eistetter
Morinville Community High School

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  1. What a great thing for GSACRD to do! I am so happy that the MPES children will be able to benefit from the Hot Lunch Program. High five!

    If I were petty, I’d being asking when MPES is going to announce which electronics (that they received by donation from Best Buy) they will be sharing with GSACRD.

  2. Businesses can choose which school division they wish to donate to. I don’t have a problem with that at all. I don’t have a problem with Best Buy choosing to donate to MPES or No Frills choosing to donate funds to GSCRD. What I do have a problem with is when the public is asked to donate funds at the checkout to feed children hot lunch in the community and the funds are collected by that business and then only passed on to the Catholic division. Kudos to MCHS for seeing the error in No Frills decision and making it right. I for one have learned a lesson and will be a lot more careful when making donations at the checkout from now on.

  3. Melissa you just DID say that^^^which makes it petty. Why even say that? If you have nothing nice to say then please dont say anything at all.

    I am HAPPY to see the schools work together to ensure that children in need also have an opportunity to have a hot lunch! Go Morinville!

  4. If you weren’t petty you wouldn’t have brought it up. Good job continuing to separate the children of this town simply over school boards still Melissa. Way to promote non-judgement and town unity. Two years and still you choose petty. Good thing the schools aren’t. Our kids deserve better. And they are getting it from schools acting like the partners we are.

  5. What an incredible act of kindness MCHS has shown. Kudos to you!!! I really hope in the future all of our schools in Morinville can work together and find a common cause to support. What better way to show that our children in this community can make a difference together.

  6. Thank you to GSACRD AND No Frills for their generosity. GSACRD is a caring and giving school board and this just goes to show how they support ALL families in the community. It is also wonderful to see our local companies supporting our youth. Keep up the great work!

  7. How do we know that No Frills erred in donating to only GSACRD? Maybe the errors were at the checkout when the cashier didn’t specify which school board the monies were going to? From what I understand ( and I could be wrong ) is that this was a fundraiser intiated by GSACRD or the parent council for GSACRD. Therefore it would not be a mistake on No Frill’s part to send the cheque to GSACRD. Just as the Best Buy donations were (I assume) initiated by MPES, then they should also be the ones to only receive the donation. I don’t collect donations for the Cancer Research Foundation then turn around and have to give some of it to the Heart and Lung Association because they didn’t to the work themselves. So definite Kodos to GSACRD for doing the Christian thing and sharing with those who have not.

  8. A true display of leadership.

    Now I see why Melissa uses only her first name.

    I also agree with Jennifer’s comment ” What I do have a problem with is when the public is asked to donate funds at the checkout to feed children hot lunch in the community and the funds are collected by that business and then only passed on to the Catholic division”.

    Please be more CLEAR when asking generous Morinville residents for donations. Clearly state how the funds will be used.

    It would of course, have been equally unfair to give the funds solely to the other school board.

  9. I have no problem with No frills raising funds for GSACRD, that is awesome. However as Joe stated perhaps the cashiers should have been way more specific as to where the funds were going. I myself donated quite few times, had I known that the funds were being raised only for specific schools, I may not have donated as much. I’m sorry to hear Melissa that you feel only Christians are capable of doing such a kind act. I thought generosity came from the heart, and I had no idea it was limited to what religion you follow. MPES is a very new school, so many items were missing that the children needed. As far as I know all 3 Catholic schools are well established and have the necessities for the children that attend there. Many items have been donated from businesses and parents to get MPES started. So as someone who does not follow a religion, may I buy an electronic item to donate to your children’s school Melissa?

  10. Be Petty Melissa, it’s what we expect from a person like yourself. The majority of us are above that.

    Good job by Chris and Tracy and the administration at the three Catholic Schools to help out the new school on the block.


  11. Hello,community now smile and say nice things to the people around you and do not let this go on! THat is not the Morinville way!

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