Morinville not spooked by Halloween [photos]

Photos by Lucie Roy and Stephen Dafoe

Morinville – Ghosts, goblins and pop culture mixed for Halloween in Morinville Thursday. Below are some of the Halloween greatness our cameras caught around town.

MPES principal-2A
Many students and staff were dressed up for Halloween on Thursday at Morinville Public School, including Principal Wayne Rufiange (super-villain Gru) and Grade 1 teacher Monique Webb (dressed as a minion from the movie Despicable Me).

Morinville Public School student Austin Farvolden in the school’s haunted house. This was one of the many activities put on by the Student Council for the Halloween Carnival held on Thursday.

Morinville Public School(MPS) student Jaxon Girard on Thursday morning dressed up for the Student Council Halloween Carnival held in the gym.

Christian School-web
Morinville Christian School students Steven Cluett, Elizabeth Fossen and Sammi-Leigh Sawchuk dressed up for Colour Clash Day at school on Thursday.

Heritage Lodge resident Bunny Cooper with a finishing touch on the Halloween tree on Thursday morning.

Guardian Drug staff member dressed up as a dead lady pirate at the cash on Thursday morning was Anne Stalzer.

Morinville Community High School Principal Todd Eistetter dressed as Rick Grimes from The Walking Dead.

MCHS students carve a pumpkin, one of many activities going on at the school Thursday.

MCHS teacher Neil Korotash in full Halloween competition mode.

Morinville Capital Vision Care staff were dressed up as minions from the movie Despciable Me on Thursday.

Morinville Community Library Staff pose for a Halloween group shot. The library celebrated Halloween with young adult author Eileen Schuh and an evening showing of Army of Darkness.

Primeau students Alicia Brost, Jenna McKinney, Brooke Froment, Laura Stalzer and Rowan Ozipko dressed up in the 1950s style poodle skirts on Thursday. Primeau held their Annual Penny Halloween Carnival and hosted the Notre Dame Grade 4 students. Every classroom held a different passport to adventure and thrills including a Justin Beber Gostbuster Scary Candy Relay, Find the Bug, Musical Chairs and Candy Fishing, Skaraoke, Haunted Head Toss, haunted house, Pumpkin Patch Treasure Hunt, Pin the Brain on Frankenstein, Skull Head Golf and much more.

A number of Primeau students also collected food items for the Food Bank instead of candy on their trick or treat rounds, food matched by Sobeys in Morinville.

Primeau student Makayla Himschoot was pointing to teacher Angie Boucher and showing which pumpkin she most resembled. More than 21 pumpkins decorated to look like the teachers were on display for the students to vote on. The winning class was to receive three points, second place two points.

Heritage resident Paula Nolte dressed up for the Halloween Party held at the lodge on Thursday afternoon.

Heritage Lodge residents Laura Kieser and Gerard Borle at the Halloween Party held at the Lodge on Thursday afternoon.

Heritage Lodge resident Art Krauskopf dressed up for the Halloween Party held Thursday afternoon at the Lodge.

Halloween for young and old, Aspen resident Thalia Critchley was dressed up as a pirate at the Aspen Halloween and Birthday party held Thursday afternoon.

Primeau student Dylan Gale with his second attempt at Johnny Applestack. Students had to place four apples on top of each other one by one and the apples had to stay balanced for 5 seconds. This was one of the many activities held Thursday at the Annual Primeau Halloween Carnival.

You know it is Halloween when Eskimo Dennis is wearing a Roughriders shirt.

Chef Doug Adsit from the Green Bean in a storm trooper hoodie. Doug is a huge Star Wars fan.

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  1. I’m just really pleased that Morinville still celebrates Halloween!

    With so many other jurisdictions opting to ban celebrants of ALL ages from having a little fun, our community’s efforts are really quite remarkable!

    A boatload of kudos to the schools for continuing a tradition older than any of us!!

    And just think – in less than eight weeks, it’ll be “Merry Christmas” time!! Whoo Hoo!

  2. James, why did you have to remind me? 😛 I haven’t done my shopping yet!

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