Letter: Candidate offers her thanks

Jackie Luker-web

Well it has been two weeks since the recount in which I found out that my two days as a Morinville Councillor were over. I was very disappointed when I realized during the recount that I had lost my spot, but I also believe that things happen for a reason. Life goes on and so will I. I’m already pursuing some new areas of interest that will add to my growing list of service to Morinville.

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank each and every person who has encouraged me in my attempt to get onto council. The comments of support and disappointment in my loss have been greatly appreciated. It means so much, especially losing, to know that there are many people out there who support me. I particularly need to thank my family Joel, José and Jorja. Without them, I would not have had the courage to put my name forward in the first place. There are certain friends who went above and beyond and to them I am grateful as well.

Four years is a long time from now but if life is leading me toward another campaign, I’ll be back. I do wish our new council the very best, especially Rob, because if I’m going to lose it had better be to a winner!

Thank you,

Jackie Luker

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  1. Jackie, you are an amazing woman who does so much for our community. I look forward to seeing you throughout our town over the next several years, as I have for the past several. I’m sorry that things ended the way that they did, but I want to credit you with being so absolutely classy, positive, understanding and humble. You help define what I love about Morinville and why my family now calls it home.

    Thank you for the good luck and I will work hard to show you that I am a winner!


  2. I can only reiterate what Rob has said – you are one classy lady and an obvious strong believer in our community.

    Don’t chuck your campaign signs just yet… four years is but a mere drop in the bucket for you young folks and I strongly urge you to seriously keep your options open.

    If you ever need to vent or even just share a caffeine, you know how to reach me.

    Take care,


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