Column: Joe Morinville


With Remembrance Day past us now, folks will be driving full steam ahead into Christmas mode. Mind you, some were rolling down that road well before Nov. 11 had come and gone, but that’s another story. Anyways, here’s some of the stuff I look forward to in Morinville over the weeks leading up to Christmas.

1 The highlight of the Christmas season is always the Community Christmas Celebration. No not the one we do at the end of November with the parade on Saturday night in the freezing cold. The one that’s happening at St. Jean Baptiste Church on Dec. 19. That’s when all the church groups get together to perform Christmas songs and everyone fills the pews to hear them. What a great night that always is. It’s always interesting to see folks come together and it’s real interesting to hear the variety of songs the church groups put together for us.

2 Now, long before we light up the night with music at the church, the Town’s gonna Light Up the Night with the end of November festival what has the parade and a bunch of other stuff going on over the whole weekend. My favourite part is when Mr. and Mrs. Santa Clause lights the lights up in the park. That for me is the official start to the holidays here in Morinville.

3 The park always looks great all lit up and it’s going to be extra special for many of us this year because the church is all fixed up and lit up.

4 Coffee gets interesting too this time of year. The coffee shops all start making their fancy coffees with a holiday twist to them. Never thought a candy cane coffee would be something I’d crave for 11 months until it come back again.

5 I like it too when some of the businesses decorate up their windows and their shops for Christmas.

6 One thing I love about this town is how we all get together to support the Food Bank and the hard work Ken and Isabelle do all year round. This year the big bus will be at Sobeys and No Frills again on the Friday of the festival so folks can buy a little something extra to help out the cause.

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