The day in photos

Stage presence
Connal Melnyk was called up from the audience to do the ABC song with musician, songwriter and comedian Norman Foote at the Morinville Community Cultural Centre Thursday night. More than 200 attended the show to hear Foote and 70 student performers from Morinville Public and Notre Dame schools who performed on stage with Foote, who performed a number of his songs during the one-hour show. The show included music, comedy and puppetry. – Lucie Roy Photo

The talking puppet head involved a member of the audience sporting the headgear as Norman Foote provided the voice and commentary. – Lucie Roy Photo

Urban Ag

Morinville Community High School Urban Agriculture student Kyle Ozipko turns the handle on the sausage-making machine as teacher Peter Nolan assists. Once the sausage tube was empty the sausage went down the assembly line and students learned to twist and cut off the sausage and wrap in packages of four. The next group would take their turn to season the hamburger, pack the meat in the tube and start to make their own sausage. More than 20 students were divided in groups and rotated between making sausage, curing bacon, making ham, and wrapping and packaging meat. The work was part of the student’s program on butchery, a follow up to the previous day’s work butchering three pigs. Teacher Neil Korotash said next week they would learn to do smoking, then cook some of the meat at a later date.

For the basic bacon cure students measured out kosher salt, granulated sugar and curing salt. Ingredients had to be measured and the meat weighed for the practical math to come into play. They had to apply 50 grams of the basic cure per 2,250 grams of pork belly. Then place it in the fridge and wait seven days, rotating and massaging regularly. For the ham they had the brine and learned how to inject it into the ham.

Korotash said the first semester is going well and the students have had the opportunity for hands-on learning about local business, agriculture, the environment and how to grow and prepare their own food. The students see the whole cycle from growing to the end product on their plate. The students are from varied backgrounds; some with farm experience and some without.

– Lucie Roy Photo

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  1. What a wonderful life experience for our students. Great course. Congrats to the teachers for their hard work!

  2. This was an amazing evening in so many ways!
    Every single person there had a wonderful time. Norman is a funny guy and ALL the childrean did great!

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