Column: Joe Morinville


joethumbYou can all stop emailing me to blame me for all the snow we got last weekend. I know I did my column about Christmas a little earlier than maybe I should have, but that is not why it snowed. But since the white stuff is here and not likely to go away until sometime after the May long weekend, I might as well talk about snow and what’s good and bad about it.

1 There is nothing good about snow as far as I’m concerned, but some folks seem to like it well enough, particularly the guys with the snow machines that like to race through the neighbourhood even though there is a bylaw what says you cannot ride a snow machine in town.

2 Now, tobbogans. That’s another story all together. There is nothing better than the sounds of kids laughing as they slide down the hill on a toboaggan.Course there is nothing funnier than the sound of kids laughing, particularly grandkids, when their grandmother falls off the tobbogan halfway down the hill and they got to go help her up. Now if we only had some good hills in this Town that God made flat way back when as He was making the prairies as good as what they are.

3 I don’t care for snow, and I care less for shovelling the stuff. Don’t even like snow blowing it, but I do get a chuckle out of the fellows what use a leaf blower. Might have to get me one for fun.

4 There’s nothing that says you live in a small town like the neighbourly feeling when you see one of the neighbours has used his snowblower to clear the sidewalk to the mailbox.

5 There’s nothing worse than getting all bundled up to go to the mail box on that ploughed sidewalk for the pension cheque only to find that Canada Post ain’t been there yet because the snow slowed them down.

6 People ought to shovel their sidewalks. I’m tired of going for my morning walk with the dog and having to climb over a snow hill that grows higher all piled on some idiot’s sidewalk all winter. Makes me want to let my bulldog Buffalo Jump take a buffalo dump right there to add to the pile. But I won’t do that because I know there is a bylaw against it and I think bylaws shoudl be followed. and that sure as heck includes the one about ploughing your sidewalks.

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