Our Morinville

Our Morinville is an opportunity to view life through our community members’ lenses. Photos can be of this and surrounding communities, cool photos from places our readers have visited. The pages are wide open on possibility. Each month we will select one photo as the choice of the month. That reader will receive a $100 Shop in Morinville gift certificate. They pick the business — we lay down the cash. Send your high-resolution photos to editor@morinvillenews.com.

Fall fun
Rene Chevalier sent us this fun family photo of her grandchildren enjoying themselves in her back yard.

What a difference a few weeks makes
Don Boutilier sent us two shots of the falls at Lost Creek, in fall and after the snow had fallen.

On frozen pond
Frank Koenig sent in this photo of ice starting to form at the Morinville Fish & Game Association pond.

Bunnies and birds
Riley Quinn sent us these two shots of a hare, one on its own and one of the hare looking somewhat puzzled by a photo bombing magpie.

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