Chamber comments on Cardiff Road

Dear Members,

The Morinville and District Chamber of Commerce (MDCC) strongly recommends an interchange at the Cardiff intersection. A temporary traffic light fix that might last five to seven years is insufficient. On behalf of the entire Board of Directors, your Chamber will be fighting relentlessly for a long term solution.

A June 2011 Alberta Transportation press release called for a new interchange that would increase safety and access to Morinville and Cardiff. The Minister at the time, Luke Ouellette, was quoted: “Investing in our provincial highway network supports thousands of jobs today, lays the foundation for economic growth, and supports our communities. This new interchange will improve safety and traffic flow and will accommodate continued growth in the area.”

Businesses want safe access, economic growth and traffic flow to accommodate growth. This was the promise in 2011; unfortunately a set of traffic lights on a four-lane highway does not meet this commitment.

In the Morinville Municipal Development Plan Bylaw 11/2012, a key growth management objective was to “explore economic development opportunities of the new interchange at Cardiff Road and Highway 2 intersection and in relation to responsible oil sand development in northern Alberta.” Traffic lights disrupt traffic flow and limits current and future economic growth.

The MDCC will be urging the province of Alberta to reconsider this traffic light decision. The MDCC is committed to promoting the Morinville District as a leading business centre and in cooperation with others, to support, expand and diversify business opportunities.

Warm Regards,
Simon Boersma, MDCC President

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  1. Great to hear Simon. I’m very impressed that the Chamber is not going to just lay down and take it like the town officials are. What the privince is offering is not acceptable. Keep up the good work!

  2. Why not build the turning lane northbound onto Cardiff road a little further east so that the vehicle waiting to make a left turn south bound has a clear line of site with traffic. That’s what causes all the accidents not being able to see what’s approaching.

  3. From what I understand, that parcel is the one that the province has not been able to acquire.

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