Column: Joe Morinville


joethumbSo youse can see from all the fussing and fuming about what the province is doing to make Cardiff Road safer and all the happiness about this weekend’s festival, I got shafted on my column space this week and the publisher comes to me and says I needs to do a shorter one. I told him it ain’t the province what needs to rethink their decision on Cardiff – it’s him what needs to rethink his decision on short changing my column space this week because the people will be more upset they didn’t get their weekly dose of Joe Morinville wisdom than they will be anything else going on in the town of Morinville.
But he wouldn’t hear of it, so here I am stuck with space not big enough for even a list of five things for me to talk about this week. And I had some gooders, too. So let me offer this one item at least for you to ponder.

1 Send an e-mail to and tell him why it is unacceptible to reduce the space he gives good ole Joe Morinville each week and how you never want him to do it again. I’ll insist on seeing them and print the best five here next time, provided the idiot don’t cut me short again!!!!

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  1. Poor Joe need cheese with that whine?

    Really we need a full list of observations from our community weekly to enlighten those people who have no time for a coffee and a story from the coffee shop.

    Maybe start by giving out time management tips, so they make time for coffee.

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