Santa Store looking to make Christmas bright

MCHS student Ashley Logie, Midstream Support Society President Susan Swanson, student Madison Whitford and teacher Michelle Boucher gathered to load up the toys and donations. The MCHS Grade 12 chose the Toy Drive for their charity event with all donations of toys, gift cards to the Midstream Support Society. Ashley Logie and Madison Whitford started the initiative in November. – Lucie Roy Photo

by Stephen Dafoe

Morinville – The Midstream Support Society will open its Santa Store next week, offering those in need the hope and opportunity to offer their children a good Christmas. Santa Store volunteer Linda Krauskopf said the program is similar to the Santas Anonymous program except the parent is allowed to come to the store and pick out the gift for their children.

As in previous years that will include one major gift and one minor gift, a combined total of about $65 in merchandise per child. “We try and get the kids what they want,” Krauskopf said. “Obviously we can’t get them an Xbox.” Krauskopf went on to say parents who apply to the program offer up a list of things their child may like and the Midstream Support Society tries their best to accommodate. “We’ve had someone come in and say their daughter wants a certain book series, so we went out and got that series because it was in the range we had,” she explained.

The program saw a major infusion of funding from the Annual Santa Store Auction at Coach’s Corner. A total of $22,765 was raised this year, but more donations are welcomed to help meet the need. Krauskopf said donations of new items and cash can be made at the Midstream Support Society Community Corner store on 101 Street. Those wishes more information on donating or applying to the program for assistances can do so by calling 780-939-5035.

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