Front Porch a hit in the foyer

Approximately 80 attended Friday night’s Front Porch Roots Review show at the Morinville Community Cultural Centre.

by Lucie Roy

The Front Porch Roots Review performed at the Morinville Community Cultural Centre Friday night. Some temporary heating problems moved the show from the main hall to the foyer, an intimate setting that fit the folk and blues style of Front Porch Roots Review.

Stewart MacDougall performs on piano in a show that included a mixture of traditional and Christmas songs. MacDougall is known for his work with Laura Vinson, K.D. Lang, Ian Tyson and Great Western Orchestra.

Front Porch Roots Review guitarist Gord Matthews performs. One of the numbers was his solo performance of the song Third Best Thing.

Front Porch Roots Review bandleader, singer and bassist Ron Rault listens to harmonica ace Dave “Crawdad” Cantera play harmonica during one number.

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