Column: Joe Morinville



I don’t know about any of you, but I sure did not like that cold spell we had last week. Seems like we were all talking about how nice it was for the Santa Claus parade downtown and then all of a sudden it was colder than a telemarketer’s heart after you tell them you ain’t interested. Anyway, here’s Joe’s list of stuff youse can do to stay warm in Morinville.

1 Dig out that stair stepper or treadmill that you bellyached for someone to buy you last Christmas and get on it. Nothing like a little indoor workout to help you keep nice and toasty.

2 Use your car starter from inside your window and fire up the chariot. While it’s warming up, get yourself all bundled up and burst out of the house into that warm car. Then you can head down to Higher Grounds, Green Bean or Vintage Petals for a hot beverage. That’ll take any cold left in you out of you.

3 Since you are out and about downtown you ought to warm your heart by buying some of your Christmas presents, big or small at some of our local shops. Yeah, I know. You are not likely to find the latest whirling electronic gadget what the kids and grandkids want, but if you think you cannot buy presents here, I’ll give you a long list what you can buy for me.

4 Another way you can warm up, your heart at least, is to get the grandkids in the car and drive them around through the streets to see all the houses that are all decorated up ready for the holidays. I know the Town’s has a best lights contest every year, but there are sure more great displays than there ever could be prizes. And if that don’t get you lit up with the Christmas spirit, nothing will.

5 And speaking of getting lit up with the Christmas spirit, I ask all of you that are heading off to parties and gatherings this time of year to please get a ride if you are going to get lit up with the Christmas egg nog. Safe and sound in your bed is the warm place to be, not shivering in a cold jail cell. Be safe.

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