Letter: Adopt-a-Family participant gets as much as she gives


We were fortunate enough to be able to “Adopt a Family” this Christmas season. One early morning last week, Rebecca Balanko and I were back and forth emailing details of delivery and such in regards to the family we were going to make Christmas a little brighter for. When I had what Oprah calls an A-HA moment, right then and there I realized not only the impact of this on the family but myself as well. Here I was waking up in my nice warm bed, getting ready to go to work, bills paid, pantry stocked and the biggest concern on my mind was my daughter was sick with the flu, and that I had to finish my Christmas shopping. In that moment I realized, my problems were pretty small in comparison. Some of these families are victims of domestic violence, some have sick children and are unable to work, and some have just come upon hard times and have no one to turn to.

In saying that, we had a lot of support through our family and friends, and were able to provide groceries, and gifts for the entire family of ten in which eight were children. The night we dropped off all the goodies, one of the little boys hugged us and said “Thank you” but watching his eyes light up when we placed the only gifts they had under the tree was something I will never forget. It was truly a fantastic experience, and a reality check to be thankful for all the little things we take for granted.

A huge Thank You to everyone involved in the Adopt-a-Family campaign that helped make this Christmas memorable for 21 families, and the lasting effects on many more.

Merry Christmas!

Brandy Keenleyside

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