Multi-vehicle collision closes overpass

A multi-vehicle collision on Highway 2 South at the Morinville overpass caused several vehicles to hit the ditch.
– Lucie Roy Photo

by Morinville News Staff

Morinville – A multi-vehicle collision Tuesday morning closed southbound access to Highway 2 at the Highway 642 overpass and put a number of vehicles into the ditch. The Morinville RCMP, Morinville Fire Department and EMTs were called to the scene of the incident around 10:30 Tuesday morning. Police say the collision resulted in superficial injuries, and that one occupant was transported to hospital purely for observation.

Constable L. Rice of the Morinville RCMP Detachment said the incident involved a Dodge Ram and a flat deck medium-duty car hauler, the latter of which was carrying a half-tonne pickup truck and towing a trailer with two SUVs. Police believe the Dodge Ram that was merging onto the highway from the merge ramp lost control and ultimately struck the passing car hauler. “There was two vehicles directly related to the collision, but five vehicles in total,” Rice explained, adding all the vehicles being hauled remained secured to the trailer and car hauler when the vehicle hit the ditch.

Police believe poor road conditions were the cause of Tusday’s collision. “This is just a bad time of year with the fluctuating temperatures,” he said. “It causes the snow to melt and then [the temperature] is down significantly the next day, which causes a shock freeze. The road conditions vary from day to day. One day they can be clear and the next day they are extreme ice.”


A police vehicle blocks the onramp to Highway 2 south on Tuesday morning after a multi-vehicle collision blocked the highway.

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