Column: Joe Morinville



Publisher phoned me Sunday to remind me my column was late and that I had two hours to write it or he was gonna run something else instead. So this column is a little rushed and all over the place.

1/ I see the Town Council will lay down their budget the same day as Jim Flaherty pops the feds budget on the table. I see the CBC is saying he’s planning to make high speed Internet available to another 280,000 Canadians so more of us can go on the Facebook and show off our dinner plates and look at inspirational messages about being one with the universe or who we are. More taxes being poured into making everyone feel special and important.

2/ Got no idea what the Council here is planning to give us in their budget, but I sure got some ideas about what I don’t want them to give us. Stuff like big tax increases and more people collecting paycheques is stuff they can keep if that’s what they got in mind. Guess we’ll see what’s what soon enough.

3/ Family Day is next Monday and it is a holiday what don’t make a lick of sense to me since all the stores in St. Albert and Edmonton are open for people to shop at. So I guess it is Family Day if you and your family can jump in a car or SUV and go shopping. What do you call it if you got to work a cash register in one of them stores what’s open and your kids are at home alone eating junk food and playing video games? Just another day is what you call it.

4/ I see those who got the day off in Morinville will get to go out and make a snowman for the annual snowman making contest part of the Family Day activities here. I’m surprised people can make snowmen at the end of February. There ought to be a prize for everyone what cracks through the three inches of ice in their front yards to make a snowman out of the powdery stuff below. They usually end up as small as a Christmas ornaments. Seems like a lot of trouble.

5/ I recommend going ice fishing Sunday from 11-2 at the Fish & Game Association pond. Not sure if you’ll catch a trout, but they put on a great event with free hot dogs and tasty stuff out of the smoker. No place for vegan music teachers to be, but good for the rest of us what enjoy meat.

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