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The Town of Morinville is proposing moving to a full organics program where garbage will be picked up every two weeks and the old yard waste will move to weekly from May through October, monthly November through April. The former yard waste program will now include yard waste and organics (kitchen scraps, meat, etc.) Here’s what our readers had to say about the idea on our Website and Facebook page:

Kevin Loseth said:
As someone who is environmentally minded, this pleases me. Any encouragement to recycle and compost is a responsible move for the community. Our family recycles and composts and those choices result in us only putting out garbage every third week. It can be done folks!

Peggy Doyle said:
I’m in favour of most of this (we only put out our bin every other week and it’s never full) EXCEPT I believe monthly collection of organics for Nov-April isn’t often enough. This should be at least every other week during this time.

Jaime Aubuchon said:
Also maybe a fair sized blue bin for all recyclables. One like our other two. Would make pick up easier.

Bonnie Davison Vreugdenhil said:
I get encouraging the organic waste, but I don’t have time to seperate everything and make extra trips out to my bins. But alas, it’s not all about me….

Theresa Brady said:
I don’t have time OR space to separate everything…. -.- The only thing I recycle is bottles and that’s because that’s the only thing I know how to recycle. Into a garbage bag and then to the bottle depot. And I don’t even have space for those!

Valerie Mathieson Loseth said:
This is great, let’s encourage more recycling and composting. We recycle and compost and we only put out garbage every third week.

Alberta MacAulay said:
This is a huge step to reducing the impact on our landfills. There will be a learning curve to get through the ‘ugly’ stage in the heat of the summer.

Joe Gosselin said:
Many garbage cans on my street are so full, that you can see it sticking out of the top or the lid is not completely closed. So the question to me is, are there enough people in need, that we should ALL pay for weekly garbage pick up or should those who need weekly garbage pickup be made to go to the dump with the extra? (User pays in other words)

Amanda Lee said:
Good god! Daily life is going to be a full time job soon.

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