Morinville Council Briefs


Land Use Bylaw and ASP Approved

Council unanimously passed second and third readings of the Champagne District Area Structure Plan Bylaw and the corresponding Land Use Bylaw amendment for Phase II of the Village Champlain. This followed a Public Hearing convened earlier in the meeting which highlighted the proposed changes to the Phase Two development. Planning & Development Manager Greg Hofmann advised that the developer would need to revisit the width of the roadway for the development taking into consideration higher densities and parking on both sides of the roadway. The project proponent said that construction on the second phase will likely commence this spring.

Community Grant Funding

Council deferred a decision on the first intake of 2014 Community Grant funding until after approval of the 2014 budget. Councillor Boutestein asked why Council was being asked to approve grant funding when the approved interim budget only applies to every day expenses and made the motion to defer the decision. The tabling motion was narrowly passed in a vote of 4-3 with Putnam, Ladouceur and Fitzgerald opposed.

Water and Sewer Bylaws

Council approved Second and Third Readings of the Water Bylaw and the Sewer Bylaw, which sets the annual rates for municipal water distribution and wastewater disposal. Council had previously heard that the rates for 2014 would remain essentially the same for water customers as they were in 2013.

Waste Management Bylaw

Council approved Second Reading of the Waste Management Bylaw, which establishes the rates and pick-up schedules for solid waste and organics collection. Councillor Dafoe pressed Administration for options for the high-volume solid waste producers that can’t wait two weeks for garbage pick-up. Public Works Manager Claude Valcourt indicated that those residents have two options: pay an additional $6 per week for an extra bin or residents can haul their garbage to the Roseridge Landfill for a cost of $32 per tonne.

Councillor Boutestein made a subsequent motion requesting Administration to provide additional information about moving to a weekly garbage pick-up prior to Third Reading.

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