AUMA with commitment to Premier’s Council

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Edmonton – Alberta Urban Municipalities Association (AUMA) members were pleased to hear Premier Redford announce this morning her commitment to striking the Premier’s Council by September 2014. Members of the AUMA Board met earlier today with the Premier to discuss issues and how to move forward.

“We were pleased that the Premier recognized the AUMA as a partner with the Province, not a stakeholder to serve the citizens of Alberta,” said AUMA President Helen Rice. “The two levels of government working together on who is responsible for which citizen services, which areas need collaboration. The next critical step to address is how these services are paid for, which will be the key principles sorted out by the Premier’s Council.”

Areas of concern include roads, street and bridges, policing, fire services, lighting, waste management, transit, water/wastewater, land use planning and development, and other utility services.

The throne speech was the first step in achieving these goals. AUMA looks forward to working with the Premier and the Minister of Municipal Affairs over the next year to put Alberta at the forefront of provincial and municipal governance in Canada.

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