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They stuck me on the back page this week because the new columnist’s seniors’ column took over my spot. But that’s OK with me because I’m a senior now and he’s got some good things to say about seniors. Anyway here’s my list of stuff I found odd this week.

1 I see Finance Minister Doug Horner bought himself some new shoes for the budget. Three pairs of kids shoes what’s supposed to represent the direction of this year’s provincial budget – a focus on kids and the investment of Alberta kids’ futures. Suspect the shoes were made overseas in a factory by kids. Maybe it was a symbolic move of our kids’ future.

2 Another thing I seen on the TV was the Tories was planning on running another deficit budget this year but calling it a balanced budget. It’s balanced alright, equally between BS and bafflegab. Remember when the Tories was talking about when the surplus budget would come around. Yeah, so do I. It was when Ralph Klein was in office. God rest his soul. Loved to see what he’d say about this new math balancing act.

3 Alberta Party was taking a shot at Education Minister Jeff Johnson’s expense claims last week and saying he submitted two receipts for the same thing and backdated a receipt for a pricy hotel room. They ought to lay off the Minister. He’s likely just using the new math what he’s got the school kids doing. And speaking of math, the Alberta Party’s numbers didn’t add up last election as I recall and that left them with no seats.

4 They’re looking at building 50 to 70 new schools. That’s good. With this new math, students be held back so you’ll have 30-year old high school students still trying to graduate.

5 That last bit’s completely made up. They don’t hold kids back anymore. Might hurt their self-esteem and we can’t have any of that going on anywhere or any time.

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