Letter: Council’s first 100 days


To the Mayor and Councillors, Municipality of Morinville


My, those first three months just flew by, didn’t they?

First, I must apologize for my tardiness in producing this letter, and it should more appropriately be titled… “Your First 200 Days In Office”
Here is a well-known fact – Those who toil (and I do mean work bloody hard!) within our Administration dare not even break wind without the direct authorization of our CAO. The terribly sad part is that, apparently, most of you folks are perpetuating our dubious tradition of allowing Administration to drive this bus known as Morinville.

If I recall correctly, all of you in some way, shape or form, campaigned on the principles of “fiscal responsibility”, “open communication”, “role clarity”, “economic development” and “openness and transparency”. Unfortunately, there have been no substantial changes to our modus-operandi and since much of your activity continues to be undertaken behind closed doors, most of the public still has not the slightest idea of how you arrive at the decisions you do tender.

I had initially considered trundling out a list of problems, but decided: “to hell with it…” Examples of ‘things not right’ are so numerous and have been presented so many times in the past that to reiterate them would be a useless exercise. Should any of you wish to discuss any of this with me – you know how to contact me. I remain confident however, that this will never happen.

So… Chief Administrative Officer – you have won. Your comment to us during our little coffee meeting just prior to the first Coeur de Morinville Open House has proven true after all. Remember? You said, and I quote, “this is MY town”.

It has been fun over the past couple of years and I truly wish you the best of luck going forward.

James O’Brien
Citizen and Taxpayer

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  1. Please James give us the examples. I cringe to think of what might have happened if you would have won your seat and were councillor James O’Brien yet thought you need not back up an argument. This is debating 101. Your one of Morinville’s most passionate residents and I have great respect for that and the spirit of what you want to do. I do think you need to hold yourself to the same standard you demand from our CAO. Is this YOUR tow?. Are we all on the same page as you?

    This council has already held multiple public info sessions, drilled very deep into many budget areas and are following through on projects such as an operational review, photo radar and the arena. What you may view as a controlling behaviour I see as a person who is on top of things.

    Please James, in the future, when you breathe fire and brimstone please ensure something combustible is nearby.

    Paul Smith

    • Hey Paul…

      Thanks for that but, as you know, this media has a 700-word limit on submissions. Had I included all those issues of concern to me, there is NO way it would have been published!

      ME – as a Councillor?? Paul, I have examined the Town’s “procedural by-law” and other pertinent info and no one is happier than I that I did not get elected!

      By the way, I DO realize that we have at least one Councillor who is attempting to right some of the wrongs. I also realize that unless that Councillor can convince at least three others to support a particular view – it ain’t gonna happen!

      I invite you, and anyone else who is TRULY interested, to join me for a coffee some time. I would be more than pleased to review that which I declined to ‘trundle out…’ in the body of my letter. You know how to reach me…

      Have a nice day,


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