Library secures laptops to fill computer education gap

From left: Library Manager Isabelle Cramp, Former CECS Director Charmine Rockwell, Stephen Dafoe, owner of the Morinville News, Keith Norris, President of the Friends of the Morinville Public Library Society.

Submitted my Morinville Community Library

Morinville – The Morinville Community Library announced Thursday it has purchased a quantity of laptops formerly used by Career Employment Counselling Services Centre (CECS), which closed in December 2013 due to government cutbacks. The $6,000 purchase was a three-way partnership between the Morinville Community Library, the Friends of the Library Society, and Stephen Dafoe, owner of the Morinville News. Each partner contributed $2,000 to the purchase. The laptops will be used in computer education courses, soon to be offered by the library as part of their effort to compensate for the CECS closure.

President of the Friends of the Library Society, Keith Norris, stated that the fundraising committee is extremely pleased. “We were approached by library management to assist with purchasing laptop computers after CECS closed. We decided to do so, splitting the cost with the Morinville Library and other private donations.”

Library Manager, Isabelle Cramp, said she is happy to be soon offering computer workshops in Morinville. Under the Library’s Plan of Service, one of their roles is to connect people to the online world by offering access to technology and training. “The library also values lifelong learning. It made perfect sense to purchase the CECS computers so we can ensure that local residents continue having access to this important service. We would not have been able to do this without the involvement of the Friends of the Library and Stephen Dafoe as partners.”

For Stephen Dafoe, having seen the importance of the CECS when his youngest son was directed by them to become an EMT, he knows the positive effect those counselling services had in the community. “While the library will not take on those services directly, the purchase of the computers will give them the tools professional facilitators need to teach people important skills to get better jobs. Additionally, they will be able to expand their programs to include all sorts of things – teaching grandparents how to use social media or Skype to better communicate with relatives at a distance. The possibilities are endless. I’m a big supporter of life-long learning in all forms.”

Former CECS Director, Charmin Rockwell, expressed gratitude towards the Library and its donors for understanding the importance of providing this service to the community now that the centre is no longer available. “There is an opportunity for community members to continue to develop their skills now that the computer lab is there. I thank the library for their vision and for their commitment to providing the community with services when there is definitely a need.”

Watch the library website for updates regarding a course schedule or contact library staff by phone at 780-939-4269.

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  1. Stephen: This donation once again proves your total commitment to Morinville, our library and, most importantly, our young people.

    For all of our disagreements, I am proud to call you “friend”.


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