Letter: Roadside help appreciated

Dear Editor,

Yesterday (March 20) I was driving to work on Highway 37 and despite my efforts to drive safe, the wind and icy roads took my van into the ditch. My van went deep enough into the snow that I couldn’t open my driver’s side door. I was just trying to figure out who to call, when a kind stranger knocked on my window. She helped me climb out out the other side, and then she drove out of her way on the icy roads, and took me to work. I was in a bit of shock so I don’t recall much of what I said, but I do remember that her name was Tammy, she works in Morinville, she was driving a new Honda Civic, and she had a meeting in W4 yesterday morning about a reservoire or a tank or something like that.

I would like to thank Tammy, who selflessly sacrificed her time, and was late for her own workday. You represented Morinville well, and the town is proud of its people like you. To the town of Morinville, if you know Tammy, please pass on my message of gratitude. It is comforting to know there are generous and kind people like her in our world. Tammy, you are a bright light in our community, and I was blessed to meet you.

Layla Pretzlaff
Sturgeon County resident

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