Letter: Sturgeon Midget 1 Mustangs win bronze

2013-14 137

Congratulations to these 16 young adults whose dedication and hard work won them the Bronze Medal.

The 2013 / 2014 hockey season started out with many uncertainties. Our team started out with nine players, and two coaches. The rush was on to find more players and goalies. The week of our first tiering game our team was finally complete with the addition of two players released from AA, two players released from Westlock, one underage Bantam player, Goalie released from RQB, Goalie released from Stony Plain. This group came together and became a team unit. Each practice / game the players adapted to each challenge and displayed their strengths and weaknesses. Throughout the season the team was faced with five players receiving major injuries, (Fractured wrist, dislocated shoulder, broken arm, broken wrist, broken collar bone) and various suspensions.

The team kept pushing forward not letting anything hold them back. Coach Ron McRae and Assistants Vaughn Armstrong, Loran Bokenfohr and Don Moon guided and supported our team all season. Whether it was a change in position or being double shifted on the ice these players were up for the challenge. All of these bright individuals displayed and / or learned skills that will guarantee success in their future endeavors on and off the ice. Time Management, Dedication, Commitment, Communication, Leadership, Team Work, Discipline, and Pain are all valuable life assets.

Success is never achieved individually. A huge Thank You to the Players, Coaching Staff and Parents whom all contributed to our success. I know that everyone will look back in the future and have fond memories of the 2013 / 2014 hockey season.

Sturgeon Midget 1 Mustangs Players

# 2 – Riley Heyken, # 3 – Tyler Botham, # 4 – Jason Donald, # 5 – Mike Corrigal, # 6 – Keenan Hauptman, # 7 – Chet Shipalesky, # *8 – Emma Newborn, # 10 – Ryan Young, # 11 – Brad Mcrae, # 12 – Connor Armstrong, # 16 – Gavin Newborn, # 17 – Devon Morrisette, # 18 – Tyler Young, # 20 – Joe Bokenfohr, # 31 – Mark Moon, # 34 – Colby Augibelle.

Maureen Young
SHC Midget 1 Manager

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