Mixed commercial / residential project coming to downtown


by Stephen Dafoe

Morinville – A new commercial development that will mix 10,700 square feet of commercial space with three stories of residential will be breaking ground on 100 Avenue soon. Located between the Morinville Christian School and Rednex Bar and Grill, the development is scheduled to ready for occupancy in the spring of 2015.

Scott Jendruck from Trade Developments spoke to the Morinville and District Chamber of Commerce at their April luncheon Apr. 2, giving an overview of the scale and scope of his project.

Jendruck said the development, which will carry a French theme architecturally, will have the commercial units on the bottom with 36 apartments above, the latter consisting of 24 two-bedroom and two-bath apartments that are fully air-conditioned and approximately 900 square feet in size. “We’re targeting the 50 plus adult market,” he said. “They are what we call a premium rental model.”
Below the project will be fully-heated underground parking with 43 stalls and an elevator. Below that, 22 geo-thermal boreholes are being drilled to heat the building.

Choosing Morinville as a location to build was an easy one for Jendruck and his company he said. “We recognized there’s two opportunities: one is in fill development. It’s more and more expensive to build outside in terms of greenfield development. The other driver is the effects and power of the Capital Region in bedroom communities in the region,” Jendruck said. “Morinville seemed to fit right into our niche model.

Jendruck said his company has had the land since 2012. Construction on the project is anticipated to start in May with a hope to have the development ready for occupancy in the spring of 2015.

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  1. Very exciting news that one of the many empty ugly lots will be filled in by a nice building.

  2. Well needed project here in Morinville.
    I welcome this type of rental property option for our seniors. There are not many choices here in town for rental accommodations for seniors once they’ve decide to sell and move out if their homes. My hope is that the units will have wider doors and more open layouts for the seniors with mobility issues, as well as reasonable rent for the lower income seniors! I’m sure they have thought of all of that already!
    Welcome to Morinville Trade Developments!

    • I resemble that comment and I do need wide doors. Love the French theme!

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