Column: Joe Morinville


The Morinville Trade Show is on this weekend and I always like going to it. I know they call it Leap into Spring Expo now, but I still call it the Trade Show because I go there and trade my opinions with people I know. Here’s some other things I like about Trade Show.

1/ There’s no ice in the arena or the Curling Club and that means it won’t be freezing cold in there like it is when a hockey game is on. That means you can get your big plate of poutine and walk around eating it without the gravy, curd and french fries freezing.

2/ I like when that Fingler boy gets on the microphone and says a bunch of stuff what comes to his mind. He usually emcees the Baby Crawl and the other entertainment that comes on the stage. Sometimes he even says something that’s funny. Not always, mind you, but sometimes he does.

3/ I like it when the Pleasant Homes people bring in one of their big houses and plop it in the parking lot. When the wife comes along she takes too long looking at stuff so I like to go in the big house, lie down on the couch and catch a little nap.

4/ The entertainment’s always good at the Trade Show. There’s always some good song and dance and a lot of storytelling, and that’s just out of the salesmen in the booths. They got other entertainment going on the stage as well, and it’s usually pretty good.

5/ Speaking of entertainment Rednex Bar and Grill will be holding their first Joe Jam music jam night Tuesday night at 9 p.m. and that event is going to run every week there. It’s named after me and I’m pretty honoured by it and I’ll be figuring out what my royalty is going to be. I heard they are naming a burger after me and maybe that’s gonna be my royalty.

6/ Anyway, back tot he trade show. I do get a kick out of the Baby Crawl every year and this rag has sponsored it for the past few. It’s been good every year except for last year when the owner of this outfit wore some red outfit and went running around like an idiot. The former fire chief looked all right in his racing jacket and cowboy hat though. He even had a big checkered flag that may or may not have been taken from a famous race track. That was at least appropriate, waving the flag not stealing it maybe from a famous race track. The red outfit was embarassing for folks and made half the babies start crying. Mind you, the owner of this outfit does that in normal clothes too. It’s just the way he is.

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