Stabbing suspects arrested and charged

by Morinville News Staff

Morinville – RCMP announced Saturday afternoon that Christian Dupas and Cory Nelson have both been found and arrested in relation to an incident that occurred in Morinville Apr. 7, 2014 at approximately 9 p.m. Dupas and Nelson are alleged to have attacked a 22-year-old male victim in the lobby of the apartment building where he lived, beating him and stabbing him with a knife.

The victim still remains in hospital at this time.

Warrants were issued for Dupas and Nelson and the RCMP are thankful to the public for their assistance in locating the two men. The two men were arrested early Saturday morning at a rural location near Athabasca.

Cory Kurtis Walter NELSON
Cory Nelson

Christian Anthony DUPAS
Christian Dupas


  1. I can only hope that the victim makes a full and swift recovery. While the two accuses are certainly entitled to a day in court, if they are found to be the perpetrators, I hope they receive long and painful sentences. We do not want nor will tolerate such barbarity in our town. Also, definitely let the community know if the victim needs the support of the community in any way.

    • This guy should go duck himself^^ not everything you read is true, think before you open your mouth.

      • I assume you missed the part about them having a day in court? Or are you asserting that the victim really wasn’t attacked? As for thinking before commenting, that’s great advice, please do try it out.

        • I think the poor bastard probably deserved it. Infact rumor has it he was stabbed with his own knife. While doing a friendly house call, said accused Dupas.was clarifying a payment plan when suddenly in a rage “moron,” victim Hintch. Attacked, said accused. Dupas. To no evail. Mr. Dupas perried and sparred until victory was established and only one remained. There was no co-accused only a very unaware driver waiting outside the lobby. Who was wrongfully imprisoned but only for a short term because not only did he fight off his asailant also took immediate responsibility so that his alleged co-accused could go

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