Letter: Be creative for Earth Day



With Earth Day upon us, and a very strange winter full of rain and extreme cold drawing to a close, now is a good time to think about the environment. It doesn’t matter whether you care about climate change, or how dedicated you are to keeping your little part of the world clean; it’s simply about changing thinking patterns. Instead of buying something new, packaged in obscene amounts of plastic, styrofoam and cardboard everytime boredom hits (this applies to adults too!) try something different! Why not CREATE something new? Take the contents of your recycling bin (I hope you recycle more than just paper) and make something fun, or beautiful, or useful.

On April 5th, 13 wonderful people of all ages came into the Morinville Community Library to “build a garden”. I don’t know if any of them knew what to expect, but it didn’t take long for the creativity to start flowing. The garden was filled with creatures, tools, flowers and a tree. Even our very own [Val Loseth] Wheel Barrow Gardener and head of the Morinville Community Garden Society came to get involved. My hope for projects like this is to change the way people look at “garbage”. When we start to see the colours, shapes and materials of everyday trash, along with a bit of ingenuity, the possibilities are endless. Eliminate boredom, use those brains, and have fun for free! Then, when it has served it’s purpose, put it out on recycling day. What will you make on April 22nd, in celebration of our Earth? Our finished creation is on display at the library for those of you looking for a little inspiration.

Stacey Buga

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