Column: Joe Morinville

joethumbThey cut my column for a couple weeks because of all the letters to the editor the paper has been getting lately and because the other column writers aren’t able to keep it short. But I’m back in for sure so here goes with what I think.

1/ Seen a letter last week about all the rumours going around town and how they was all on one subject, the arena. Pretty
good letter and some pretty interesting rumours. It’s interesting to me how fast rumours spread in this town and how
fast some people like to come up with new rumours to spread around. Maybe some of them folks ought to make sure it is the TRUTH before they start spreading them, but I’ve never known truth to be a consideration when spreading a good rumour.

2/ It’s a different day today and I’m not sure I like it. Rumours and gossip and complaining the likes I’ve never seen it in nearly 66 years. For goodness sake, if a door don’t open at a car wash or a piece of fruit in the grocery store is bad, tell people that need to know, not a bunch of people running to Facebook to see what folks is complaining about next. People are like a pack of coyotes taking down a wandering cat these
days, but heaven help you point it out – they’ll call you a bully.

3/ The whole photo radar thing was a pretty big deal here. It was all people talked about for two months or more. You know
it is a big deal when Global’s Bob Layton does a piece on it. I liked it when he said “Participation is voluntary.”

4/ Guy bellyaching to me the other day at Timmy’s that turnout for the photo radar vote was too low and that people should have went and voted one way or the other. “Not many showed up for all the bellyaching people did about it,” he says to me. So I asked him if he went and voted. He was one of the ones what didn’t vote. Scratch my head at that. I don’t know whether that was subjective apathy or just plain stupidity. I can’t print what I told him I thought it was.

5/ Heard Eskimo Dennis is on a mission to stop the Town from building any more grocery stores. Apparently he’s telling people the mayor ought to put her foot down. If it ain’t a rumour it’ll be a switch from folks bellyaching about how many liquor stores we got. Rumours make me want to drink.

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