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joe morinville
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Not much going on around town to bellyache about this week, so I thought I read some national news.

1 Now I read in the Sun that Canada Post employees think Canada Post ought to get back in the banking business like they did for a hundred years after Confederation. That might of worked in Sir John A’s day, but the postal service ain’t what it was then. I give them people a dollar to mail my letter and they wind up delivering it to the wrong person. Now they want me to let them look after my deposited pension cheque.

2 Speaking of smoking funny cigarettes. Apparently Health Canada recalled a bunch of medical marijuana this month. Apparently it wasn’t up to government standards. Must be some powerful stuff to be up to “government standards” what with some of the decisions they’ve been making lately.

3 There’s a woman in Los Angeles that spent $15,000 on cosmetic surgery so she could take better selfies. I only recently learned what a selfie was and was pretty relieved it wasn’t what I thought it was. But it’s when you take a picture of yourself in front of something or someone famous or dangerous, like that kid what got booted in the head by the train conductor taking a selfie. Anyway this woman had chin and nose work done and something called fat grafting on her face. Not sure about that last one. I think she’s got enough fat in her head to begin with, at least between her ears.

4 I see Toronto Mayor Rob Ford was a no show on Saturday to meet the Iron Sheik, one of wrestling’s original bad guys. The Sheik was in town to promote his new documentary movie about his life. I read that the Sheik once smoked some crack. Not sure if that was why he didn’t show or if it was because they were supposed to meet at a place called Belly Busters.

5 In New Mexico they dug up a find of 728,000 copies of the E.T. video game Atari made back in 1982. I guess the game was so bad the company couldn’t do anything but cart them to a landfill and bury them in concrete so no one would ever discover how bad the game was. I think no matter how bad the game was, the worst thing is archaeologists are now apparently trying to dig up ancient video games instead of bones.

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