Chamber looks into industrial concerns for Cardiff lights


by Morinville News Staff

Morinville and District Chamber of Commerce President Simon Boersma said he has taken the concerns of some of the community’s industrial park businesses directly to engineers working on the traffic lights set to be installed at Highway 2 and Cardiff Road this summer.

“We had some concerns with movement of vessels coming out of the business park,” Boersma said during the May 7 Chamber luncheon, adding he received a letter from the engineers that confirmed they had reviewed the turning movements of oversized and super loads and found there was sufficient space for industry vehicles to make the turn from Cardiff Road. Boersma went on to say it may require the trucks to use the entire road surface, something that is deemed acceptable as the oversived loads would have pilot vehicles accompanying them.

The engineers also indicated in their letter to the Chamber that the new signalized intersections will not have the existing median and associated signs that currently restrict turning movements for westbound and northbound trucks.

Boersma said the Chamber also spoke to Alberta Transport about using the secondary road that was built when the original interchange was proposed. “Alberta Transport is receptive to using the detour north of the intrsection as an alternate bypass,” he said, adding it had yet to be confirmed.

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