Letter: Grade 1s write about what they are thankful for

Publisher’s Note: Monique Webb’s Grade 1 students at Morinville Public Elementary School recently were asked to write letters of appreciation for the things they were thankful for in their community. The following are the unedited opinions and views of some of the youngest members of our community.

Rotary Park and Splash Park

The Rotary Splash Park and Rotary Park ranked high on the list of many MPES Grade 1 students. What follows are their thoughts on the facility:

Cy writes: Dear Rotary club. I really like Rotary Park. Thank. you. for the park. Thank you from Cy.

Taylor writes: Dear Rotary Park. I love Rotary Park. Because it is awesome. It is cool. It is really fun. Thank you for bilting Rotary Park.

Isabella writes: Dear Rotary Park Builders, I appreciate your work and job. It is fun to play. My family loves playing there. Thank you for making the park. Love – Isabella.

Samantha writes: Dear Splash Park. I Love The splash Park. It makes our town great. My mother appeciate the splash Park wen it is hot cause it is cool.

Desirae writes: Dear Splash Park Builders. I love your splash park. It makes our town great. And I love the cool water on hot days. Thank-you for the great landmark.

Mckayla writes: I love the Splash Park. It is fun in the summer because it is awesome. Makes our town great. Thank you.

Leah K writes: Rotary Park. you make our town great. I appreciate it. It is a very fun park. It is good landmark. Thank-you. Leahk.

Ryland writes: I like Rotary Park because it is fun. It is a good landmark. Thank you for making great Rotary Park.

Ice Cream Shop

Raye-Lynn writes: I think your ice cream is awesome. You make our town better because when it’s hot you make it cool. I appreciate the ice cream. Love Raye-Lynn

Zoe writes: Dear Ice Cream Shop. Your ice cream is good. It is a good landmark and is is a place my family goes some times. It makes our town great. Hey. I hope you have a great day. Love, Zoe.

Sal’s Pizza

Koaltyn writes: I love your store. You make my world so great. Your pizza is great. Your pizza is great. My favourite is your pizza. Thank you.

Linden writes: I love your pizza. Your shop is a good landmark. It makes our town great.

Rowan writes: Deat Sal’s. I love your pissa. You have been making a good business. I hope you are having fun. You make our town great. Love, Rowan.

Town of Morinville

Laura writes: Dear Town of Morinville. I appreciate the graveyard. It is a good place for dead people. It helps us learn about the past. Thank-you. Laura.

The Legion

Alanna writes: Dear Legion. You make our town great. I love your building. It is great. I love the breakfast. Thank-you. Alanna.

The Church

Sidney writes: Dear Church. Thank you for starting the church. It makes our town great. We love your church. Your church makes Morinville a better place. And I learned history from you. Love – Sidney.

Leah T writes: Dear Vhurch. Thank-You for making all of the buildings. They help us leanr about the past. It is a good place to walk. Thank you. Leah T.

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  1. Too cute.

    Especially love the comment on the graveyard being a good place for dead people. I agree. Rather have them there than roaming the streets…

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