Letter: Police reminding residents to lock up their cars


The Morinville RCMP would like to advise its citizens that there have been a number of complaints recently of thefts from Motor Vehicles in Morinville and the surrounding area. In 2013 there were 137 complaints of theft from vehicles reported in the detachment area.

Theft from vehicles is an opportunity based crime and offenders target easy vehicles.

Some simple tips to prevent theft from your vehicle:

• Remove all valuables (backpacks, cell phones, purses, wallets, sunglasses, GPS systems, keys, iPod’, shopping bags, cigarettes, etc) from your vehicle
• If you must keep valuables in your vehicle, store them in your trunk
• Never leave a spare vehicle or house key in your vehicle
• Whenever possible, park your vehicle in a well-lit area and lock your doors
• Protect your insurance and registration documents as well as your garage door opener (Carry them in your wallet or conceal them)
• If your garage door opener is stolen, ensure you change your system code
• Install a car alarm, or use “the club” to lock the steering wheel
• Use locking screws for your license plate.

Morinville RCMP encourages everyone to call police to report any suspicious activities. It is important that you report all crime.

Submitted by Cpl. Chantale Mailloux, Morinville RCMP Detachment

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