Column: Joe Morinville

joethumbGot quite the email from someone the other week what was pretty hot under the collar about my latest column I wrote on my birthday. I say someone cause they didn’t sign their name at all to their email. Anyway, I never heard senior’s pensions called “old people welfare” before. Then they went off on a rant about the photo radar and reporting facts and such. Folks, my columns are mostly jokes for fun. So here is some more stuff that’s not intended to be real reporting or journalism.

1 I heard folks is upset because the line ups at Tim Horton’s are so long around the building that they are inconvenienced trying to get a coffee in the morning. Now that better weather’s here maybe they can put it in park and trot in for their cup. I got no problem getting mine when I sit there in the morning laughing at the people lined up around the building and grumbling about waiting to get their coffee.

2 Read that a bunch of bears in New Hampshire are responsible for car break-ins. Here it’s thieves. Don’t be stupid. Lock your car or at least take your wallet and other stuff in the house.

3 Heard Fire Chief Ron Cust has taken up autobody work as a hobby. Makes good sense with all the old clunkers he buys. At least when the engine blows the thing’ll look nice. Speaking of old cars, I read here last week that the Show and Shine is going to be bigger and better than what it was last year. I don’t know how that’s possible. Last year I had to sit down twice before I was done looking at them all.

4 And speaking of beer, now that I’m getting my “old people welfare,” I think I’ll stock up with a few extra six packs and sit on my asterisk after working full time for 42 years. Bottoms up!

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  1. “Old People Welfare” has me somewhat upset. We paid our own way into CPP and our employer paid CPP. The Government did not put anything into it. And those that were unable to collect their money before retirement, the government kept that money.

  2. Well now, some people have no sense of humour, ( see how I spelt that ), don’t like it get over it. Joe I enjoy your column and you just keep on doing it the way you are, it is a breath of fresh air to be amused by your comments, in our society of complainers.
    We all paid our way for Pete’s sake, as did the employers so suck it up we are all in the same boat, we got screwed and never even got a kiss. As for the people who don’t sign their name to a comment or email. Lets just say that they have no intestinal fortitude to get in the arena to do something, they would rather stay in the bleaches and shout abuse to those who are willing to attempt to do something about it.
    Keith Norris

    • I don’t often agree with you Keith (at least on certain issues!), but in this case you are 100%, absolutely and indubitably correct!!

  3. Joe What the heck are you talking about ole clunkers now you sound like my wife those are considered recoveries. kept them outa the Dump!

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