Letter: Town and Nait to collaborate on Little Egg Creek project again


The Town of Morinville in collaboration with the NAIT Sturgeon River Research Project is hosting a naturalization event on the banks of the Little Egg Creek in Morinville near Georges H. Primeau School on May 29 from 1:30 to 3 p.m. This successful collaboration began in 2013 and this year we hope to plant even more trees and shrubs than last year.

With the assistance of the Morinville Community High School’s Urban Agriculture Class (Neil Korotash – Teacher) and the entire Grade 5 Class from G. H. Primeau School (Christine MacKinnon – Assistant Principal) we hope to plant up to 120 native trees and shrubs this year.

Trees and shrubs will be planted in order to:

1) Enhance fish habitat by reducing sedimentation and providing shade to the river,

2) Create wildlife habitat and a wildlife corridor

3) Enhance riverbank stability by planting species with deep and binding root masses thereby reducing erosion of the riverbanks.

The students will learn about stream ecology, riparian area habitat and re-vegetation and will have a “hands-on” opportunity and become environmental stewards of the area. This initiative ties in with the Town of Morinville’s Incredible Edible program as the shrubs that will be planted include blueberry, raspberry and other native edibles.

We thank the over 120 students, NAIT and Town of Morinville staff for their efforts and dedication in making this project a reality.

This is yet another example of Morinville: Growing Together.

Allen Jacobson,
Community Development Coordinator, Community Services

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