Letter: MORINVILLE 2014 first quarter 2014 traffic statistics


At a recent Council meeting, Administration presented the Town’s 2014 First Quarter Statistics on photo radar tickets issued in Morinville.

Now those of you who have been following the photo radar saga in our community will remember that the recent ill-fated petition push was brought about because some residents, although not against photo radar per se, were against both the manner it was being employed as well as some of the locations receiving the most attention.

Well, HALLELUJAH – these First Quarter statistics have proven this out!

Morinville’s Photo Radar contractor (Independent Traffic Services or ITS) has obviously been spending much more time in and around school zones, with the result being – wait for it – a record number of tickets being issued!

Now, let me see… who spends time driving to and from schools? Oh yes, that would be the residents (parents, teachers and other school staff) of our fair community. This in turn has apparently resulted in the vast majority of tickets being issued to townsfolk – not outsiders!

Congratulations to the citizens of Morinville. Now you are really helping to pay off that internal debt brought about by our much-maligned Community Cultural Centre and now YOU, in addition to higher property taxes, are going to contribute even more to any new recreational facility we might eventually build.

Does anyone else see the irony in all this?

James O’Brien

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