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HOWLS Champions line the stage at the conclusion of the MCHS Blue and White Awards June 9. – Stephen Dafoe Photos

by Stephen Dafoe

coaches choiceMorinville Community High School held their Blue and White Sports Awards ceremony June 9, an annual recognition of the school’s top athletic achievers. The event, held in the Morinville Community Cultural Centre auditorium, saw roughly 70 awards being presented to students who have participated in a variety of sport offerings during the year.

The two-hour event was an opportunity for students to reflect on the successes of the past year in sports and to receive recognition for their efforts. MCHS teacher Kent Lessard said it is important that the school recognize the efforts student athletes make in sport.

“At MCHS we try to give back to the students. The students sacrifice a lot of time for the athletic program here, and we feel that by separating this awards night and making it special for them it makes them feel special. We want them to feel special and understand how we appreciate their efforts,” Lessard said after the awards ceremony.

In addition to 67 individual and team awards, the Blue and White Awards presentation included a new award: the HOWLS Champion Award, sponsored by Champion Petfoods. This award was presented to student athletes who best demonstrate the qualities of honour in sport, integrity and sportsmanship, commitment and dedication.

Seventeen students received the award in its inaugural year. Hailey Cornelis, Brandon Dubrule, Hannah Froment, Sydney Herrick, Haiden Hurtig, Katie Krupa, Chantelle Morin, Noemi Morin, Mathieu Lessard, Sheryl Nielsen, Ben Onischuk, Samantha Ringuette, Garreth Schneider, Emily Short, Craig Seguin, Larissa Van Brabant and Susanne Van Brabant all walked away with the new award.

The top award of the evening was the Male and Female Coaches’ Choice Award, sponsored by Froment Chiropractic. The award is presented annually to a male and female athlete who best demonstrate the qualities of sportsmanship, athletic ability, cooperation, leadership, commitment to sports, strong attendance and good academic standing. Katy Krupa was this year’s Female Coaches’ Choice recipient and was nomited with fellow athletes Noemi Morin and Hailey Cornelis. This year’s Male Coaches’ Choice Award recipient was Haiden Hurtig, who was up against Brandon Dubrule for the award.

Above right: Katy Krupa and Haiden Hurtig were the female and male Coaches’ Choice Award recipients this year.

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