Carnival provides a fun day for locals and visitors

Stephen Dafoe Photos

The Morinville Public Elementary School Parent Fundraising Association held their 3rd Annual MPES Carnival June 14, a four-hour event that drew approximately 1,500 parents and children to take part in a large variety of free activities. Organizers say the turnout to this year’s event is triple that of the first year and a 50 per cent increase over the 2013 version of the event.

All activities were provided free of charge except food purchases and a fundraising raffle, the latter going to fund a new community playground at the school. Total amount raised was not available by press deadline.

Below are some photos from the MPES Carnival.

Trinitee Farvolden has her face painted by Sarah Hall.

Isla and Andrew Thamer have some fun at the ball toss game.

Finnegan and Rachael O’Gorman battle it out in the Little John game.

Sansai Steve Rooke breaks a board over sun Jordan’s body.

Abigail Boissonneault takes a turn at the PLINKO game.

Ava Daine puts the putt in putting.

The Town’s Go Fly a Kite booth offered children a crafty opportunity to make a kite out of construction paper and string to fly on a reasonably windy day.

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