Letters: Students upset their planting efforts were vandalized

little egg creek

Publisher’s note: Last week school children assisted with a planting at Little Egg Creek. Two days later their plants were taken away by vandals. The following letters were submitted from the students by Georges H. Primeau Grade 5 teacher Cindy Vervynck.

iPhone Image C0CC80To the town of morinville,
We are very upset that all of the grade fives went to plant trees in the wind so that wildlife can have shade and food plus the trees would have helped the wetland survive. But now most of the plants are gone and it make us upset because we went out in the freezing cold rain with spine chilling wind and got covered in mud and froze our hands.
From 3 very upset Grade 5s

Dear town of Morinville,
I thought when school ended I could go in the hot sun, run to Little Egg Creek, find a tree and pick the berries off it but sadly that can’t happen. When I heard the horrible news I was about to cry my eyes out. I still can’t believe that they ripped those poor little plants, stole them or threw them in the creek did the wrong thing. If there were more trees there likely wouldn’t be floods in the future and there would be more homes for animals. Most of the grade fives planted these trees in the biting wind, freezing rain only to find out that our work was for nothing. I hope next year that won’t happen again
Sincerely, a very sad grade fiver

Dear people of this vandalism,
How could you do this? All grade five students from G. H. Primeau School with help from a few Nait students were out in the biting wind and raining weather planting trees. You wrecked our hard work that was for you and everyone else. I am very depressed. How would like it if we trampled on your new garden? Those one hundred fifty trees were there for a reason. They would clean the air, clean the water and enrich the soil. That water is the water you drink and that air is the air you breathe. Those trees were going to be the homes of many animals. If you thought this was a joke you were wrong. It did not only affect you, but everyone around you, including animals. That is my feelings about this vandalism.
Sincerely, an unhappy grade five student

Dear Town Of Morinville
We feel so sad that this has happened. We worked in the freezing cold rain and biting wind. Did you know that the wetland is a habitat to many animals? AND you know that the trees are a home to many species? Better yet the wetland is a beautiful place to sit and watch the clouds or go for a walk with your dog. These poor plants were only in the ground for 48 hours
The students that planted these tree were out side for an hour and 15 minuets, working really hard. We planted about 150 trees now the is about 10 trees left. The fact that the person left these 10 trees is very lucky.
Written by 2 very upset Primeau girls

Dear People of Vandalism,
The grade five student at G.H Primeau are upset about the destruction of our newly planted trees. We planted the trees outside in the cold pouring rain. We also wanted to protect our community from floods and the trees give homes to birds and other wildlife in the area. Those trees would of helped a lot because the water level is low and if it all dries up many animals and insect will lose their homes.
three sad grade five students

Dear Morinville
We are devestated that we went outside in very cold rain with NAIT College and planted 150 trees and someone took the time to rip most of them out. We were looking forward to picking berries off the trees and looking at what animals have found a home there. It would make shade for the creek but now there is only going to be a little bit of trees. Just saying if you did this you should replace the trees you pulled out. We are all very sad that you did this. Sincerely, 3 very sad G. H. Primeau Grade 5.

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