Letter: Festival Chair offers his thanks

Vice Chair Paul Smith

With another fun filled St. Jean Baptiste Festival finished the Morinville Festival Society committee would like to thank everyone who makes this community effort possible. The dedicated volunteers who pitch in, sponsors who generously give cash and in kind, town staff who work tirelessly side by side with us make this event a success each year.

Morinville has much to be proud of. A beautiful town, wonderful facilities and an exceptional quality of life. Most of all we can be proud of the people. At this year’s festival we saw many people we can be proud of. People who made sure seniors were bused over to the parade route and people who made sure seniors had places reserved on the sidewalk, a proud citizen of the year leading the parade, enthusiastic attendees giving their time and money to the Jessica Martel run, musicians on stage giving their time and talent. The list goes on.

As we organize and participate in festivals our sponsors, volunteers and town staff become friends and trusted allies. These friendships are strong and weave through the fabric of our towns folk building community.

The Morinville Festival Society committee is proud to host the St. Jean Baptiste Festival for such an involved, friendly and vibrant community. We are thrilled that people came from far and wide to celebrate all our town has to offer.

Thank-you everyone for our most successful year ever.

Paul Smith, Festival Chair

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  1. No!No!NO! Thank you!!!!!! And all of your committe for all the hours you guys spend during the year to make this and other festivals successful. Although there will always be some who complain, the vast majority of us in Morinville, can attribute the nice community we have to the efforts your and other groups put into our town. Your efforts enrich our lives. Thx again.

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