Column: Joe Morinville

joethumbFolks haven’t seen much of me lately in The Morinville News but I bet with summer now here and news getting scarcer than a pay raise from the publisher of this rag I’ll soon be asked to do a full page of my wisdom. But until then, here is a half page on the joys of summer in Morinville.

1 Kids start whipping around on their bikes and skateboards and those things that look like skateboards but only have two wheels on them. A lot of them kids are not wearing helmets, which is not a good thing to leave off your noggin when idiots are whipping up and down residential streets at almost twice the speed they ought to be. No reason for parents to let their kids out biking without helmets other than stupidity.

2 Read online last week that some folks is of the mind the Town ought to lower the speed limit to 30 kilometres an hour in the residential zones. Only thing that’ll do is make the photo radar tickets go even higher. Of course they’d need to move from their favourite spot over by Tim Hortons or out by the old pump house to give any tickets.

3 I was going to mention this last week but I got cut. There is no reason beyond stupidity to let off a bunch of fireworks at 11:30 p.m. on a Saturday night. I don’t care if it was a big festival weekend or not. All that cracking and banging upset a couple folks what thought they should be let off in the high school field because nobody lives by the high school or around the high school. It’s a good idea. The high school parking lot has magical properties that deaden sound. How else can you explain all those kids burning out of the parking lot at lunch time and no police ever hearing them to give them a ticket.

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