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by Morinville News Staff

Cover your dome, get a cone

Acting Staff Sergeant Mark Mathias said the Morinville RCMP have launched a program this summer similar to the Positive Ticketing Program. Whenever an RCMP member encounters youth wearing their helmets, they are presenting them with a coupon for ice cream.

“Whether it is on skateboards, bicycles or scooters, if we see them out wearing their helmet properly, we’ll hand out coupons,” Mathias said. “We’re obviously not going to catch every child that we see but when we can we will.”

The program is in operation in all of the communities the Morinville RCMP Detachment covers. Mathias said the program has been well supported and well received.

Farmers’ Market offering new hours

After a month of operation for its summer outdoor market, the Morinville Farmers’ Market announced July 3 it was changing its hours from the 2 p.m. – 6 p.m. shift it launched in June to 12 p.m. to 5 p.m.

The Mornville Farmers’ Market continues to operate in the Ray McDonald Sports Center parking lot on 104 Street.

Speed change

The Town of Morinville is reporting in their upcoming advertising that the speed limit on East Boundary Road (RR252) between Highway 642 and Cardiff Road is changing to 60 kilometres per hour.

Enforcement Services will focus on awareness for the month of July with warnings being the first option. However, the Town says tickets may still be issued depending on the situation.

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  1. I think a better picture could have been used to promote the wearing of helmets.

    It has always surprised me, at how many parents believe it important, to have their kids wear a helmet but do not follow that advice by wearing one them self. (I know its the law for them)

    Is your head so hard (compared to that of a child) that it wont break if it hits the concrete or pavement?

    Do as I do, is far better teaching tool, than to do as I say!!!

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