Police briefs


Shot damages home

On July 18th a homeowner on Range Road 252 near Morinville found a bullet hole in the side of their home. RCMP attended and investigated but at this time there is little information to work with. The home owner places the time line sometime between June 29th and July 18th.

RCMP would like to note that firearm safety needs to be adhered to and anyone using a firearm in the rural areas MUST ensure they do it safely or they may be charged with a firearms offence even on their own property!

If anyone has any information about this incident please contact Cst. Dalton Rouse directly at 780-939-4520

Fuel stolen from landfill

Sometime between Sunday, July 5th and July 7th unknown parties broke into the Roseridge Sanitary Disposal site near Morinville and allegedly stole 600 litres of dyed fuel after breaking into the facility and trespassing on the site. At this time RCMP have very little to work with and at this time are appealing to the public for assistance. Please contact Cst. Dalton Rouse if you feel you have information about this matter. 780-939-4520.

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