Column: Joe Morinville

joethumbIt’s hard to believe July is over and that means summer is almost over too. Got to say it has not been quite as bad a summer here in town as it’s been in other summers. That does not work so well for me because it gives me less to complain about at the White Rose, Timmies and other places I go from time to time.

1 I see the odd person or two bellyaching about how bad the crime is here in Morinville this summer. I think if you spoke to any of the detachment members that’s been here a bit, you’d find it’s a lot quieter than what it was two summers ago when vandalism was in the paper almost every week.

2 Folks seem to be pretty quiet on them traffic lights what got activated last week. Sure was a lot of complaining about how awful they were going to be and how no one would be able to stop for lights you can see from nearly a mile away. Well, here we are a week later and they seem to be working just fine, and even some of the grumblers are not grumbling about them. Guess the sky didn’t fall.

3 About the only real problem I can see in Morinville this summer has been the weather and that’s just sucked. Too hot on most days and the days when it isn’t too hot, it’s raining too much. Nothing’s growing here but the population.

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