Young gardener eager to grow


by Morinville News Staff

A 10-year-old Morinville gardener wowed judges in this year’s Best Gardens Contest, so much so that they made a special category on the spot to reward the boy.

Jakob D’Aoust’s vegetable garden impressed this year’s judges, but it was his enthusiasm for growing things that most earned him the Judges’ Choice Award and $75 to spend at any Morinville business.

D’Aoust is growing a robust garden of greens, tomatoes, beans, corn, cucumbers and even some giant sunflowers. He said this is his first garden, one he got some help from his grandmother Aileen D’Aoust.

Although tending to a garden over the summer break may seem an unusual pastime for a young student, when it comes right down to it, its the harvest that appeals to him most. “When you get to take everything out it’s pretty awesome,” D’Aoust said. During the judges’ visit July 30, D’Aoust eagerly shared some of his beans with the judges and his family.

When he’s not looking after his own garden at home, he’s helping his brother’s friend’s mom tend to her garden at the Morinville Community Gardens.
This year’s Best Gardens Contest saw 17 entries, almost triple the number it has seen in recent years. A vegetable garden category may be added for 2015.

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