Library presents benefit of music for young children

Paul smith-webby Morinville News Staff

Smith Music owner Paul Smith poses with a number of musical instruments he will be bringing to the Morinville Community Library Aug. 21 for his session – Benefits of Music For Young Children.

A local musician is teaming up with the Morinville Community Library to help parents develop future musicians. Benefits of Music For Young Children is a two-hour session that will give parents tips on how to cultivate a passion for music in their child. The event takes place Aug. 21 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Paul Smith from Smith Music will talk about the valuable life lessons a child can experience as a musician, and will help access whether their children are ready to take on the rewarding challenge of learning a musical instrument. A number of instruments will be on hand to let children interact with them.

Smith says the benefits for children involved in music are many. He lists improved memory, increased confidence and social skills, improved discipline and patience, and freedom of expression among the benefits of picking up an instrument and learning to play it.

“Learning to play an instrument is so much more than being able to make music,” Smith said. “Over the years we have had many students come to us that were shy and lacking in confidence. But as they start to master their instrument, they become more confident in themselves in so many other areas. It’s awesome to see that happen.”

Smith said his own philosophy and those of his teaching staff is a little different than many music schools. Rather than force students to learn music they may not care for, Smith Music teaches them what they are interested in playing. By making some progress with songs they are familiar with hearing, students are much more receptive to building on their initial skills.

The Aug. 21 session will give parents an opportunity to learn about the benefits of music, ask questions, and let their children try a variety of instruments to see what fits them best. There is no cost for the two-hour session. For more information, call the Morinville Community Library at 780-939-3292.

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