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joethumbWhenever I’m late with my column (and you all know that never happens) they let me look at what’s gonna be in it so I can get some new ideas to comment on. That happened this week because we went away to visit the grandkids down south. So here’s my thoughts on this week’s news in Morinville and area.

1 I see the mayor of Gibbons got pretty much hog-tied by his Council and everyone’s comparing him to Rob Ford, who’s the mayor of the center of the universe there in Toronto. I missed any snickering about it in the coffee shops on account I been away like I already said. It ain’t good for a town to have its leaders at odds with one another and as much as I like to poke a stick at stupidity, I hope them folks can sort out any differences. The council there might not like the man but the people elected him.

2 See all the local police groups teamed up to write a bunch of tickets for bad drivers at the end of the month. Well right away the geniuses and armchair critics took to the Facebook to say it was all to pay for the new lights at Cardiff road. When the province gets a chunk of money for tickets, it could pay for stuff like that, but I worry about people what is so cynical they think cops reminding people of the rules of the road is somehow a push to pay for new lights. The conservatives would never be so direct. They’d get the money back by digging in our pockets secretly and then blaming it on the municipalities.

3 I see the D’Aoust boy won an award this year for his prize vegetable garden. Seen the photos of this crop this 10-year-old boy grew and was pretty darned impressed. My boy can’t get his 10-year-old boy to eat his vegetables, let alone get him to grow them before eating them.

4 I see too that Jim Prentice is coming to Morinville on Aug. 15 to meet folks and sell some party memberships so people can pick him as leader. Well lah-de-dah and whoop-de-doo.

5 Popeye and other cartoons on the back pages. No Joe Morinville. Now I like Popeye and I like Spats. Don’t much care for Amber Waves, but some might like it. But I think there ought to be a Joe Morinville cartoon now and again in The Morinville News. E-mail me at or the putz what owns the place at and let us know.

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  1. Them cartoons cant touch you with a ten foot pole . They can do what they want but I look forward to your column every week . Keep on bringing the laughs …

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