Column: Joe Morinville


1 Heard last week at Timmies all the local politicians were taking a swing at one another out in Cardiff, but it turned out they was just swinging golf clubs at some regional golf tournament. That’s not near as fun as them duking it out at the Cardiff Hall. Likely be good attendance at that.

2 I see the former premier was the talk of the news last week for all her alleged shenanigans with the province’s airplanes. It’s kind of interesting to me that although the trouble was over airplanes, the Tories threw her right under the bus. At least it was all transportation related.

3 Read young Bobby Tufts lost his re-election bid to be Mayor of Dorset, Minnesota. He got elected in 2012 when he was three years old. He just got beat out by a 16-year-old named Eric Mueller. Apparently the older kid took his lunch money, too. Not sure if that last part is true, but what is true is they elect their mayor down there by picking a name out of a hat. That would never work in Alberta except in the case of a tie.

4 Justin Trudeau has a biography coming out next year. Seems to me that’s what everyone wants to lead a country is doing now. Obama did it. Hillary Clinton is doing it. Now Trudeau is doing it. Don’t make much sense to me. When the local yokels come knocking on the door and leaving their pamphlets around, I have a hard time getting through those. Can’t imagine 300 pages of hollow promises.

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