Our Morinville and Area in Photos

Our Morinville & Area is an opportunity to view life through our community members’ lenses. Photos can be taken in Morinville and the surrounding communities in Sturgeon County or even cool photos from places our readers have visited. The photo pages are wide open on possibilities. Each month we will select one photo as the choice of the month. That reader will receive a $100 Shop in Morinville gift certificate. They pick the Morinville News advertiser and we lay down the cash in the form of a gift certificate. Send your high-resolution photos to editor@morinvillenews.com.

Kim Gosselin sent us this photo of a chess set she made many years ago and how the light from her window captures the pieces.

Rebecca Balanko captured this majestic looking dragonfly.


Francoise Meunier sent two shots of a wonderful sunset.

Linda Lyons thinks she may have spotted where the Hobbit lives. Who knew it was in Morinville?

linda 1


Linda Truhn sent three shots from her garden: her grapes, an amaryllis, and a sunflower growing in her yard.

Joy Hattie said her Aug. 3 road trip was delayed a while because of the fog but it made for a beautiful scene to wake up to. We quite agree.

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