Column: Joe Morinville

joethumbDoesn’t seem to be a whole lot happening locally for me to gripe about lately. In fact, it looks like my job has been taken over by the Morinville Rant and Rave page on the Facebook. It’s where I get my information on whether it is too busy at the Timmies or not. Anyway, there is other stuff going on in the world that makes me wonder about what the world is coming to.

1 Read last week that there is yet another person in the world what is trying to look like a Barbie doll. Now I don’t mean getting all dolled up. I’m talking about altering themselves with operations and what not to look exactly like a Barbie doll. Hear there is a couple fellas that’s doing the same idea to look like a Ken doll. My grandkids got a couple of them dolls and when she was changing outfits on the Ken one, I noticed he’s got no tools in the toolbox. Wonder if them lads is gonna take the looking like a Ken doll that far.

2 Seen in the Sun where a kid got kicked out of school for saying “Bless you” when another kid sneezed. Apparently the school has a rule against anything resembling godly talk in the classroom. Yeah, I get that Americans are big on the separation of church and state, but when we got too many kids and adults running around saying “%$#& YOU!” what is so offensive about one of them saying “Bless YOU!”

3 Read about a 101-year-old man in New Jersey that is still working four days a week at the same lighting store he has worked at for 73 years. Then I hear about people that own businesses and all the trouble they are having getting people to work or come to work or come to work on time, and them people’s half to a quarter of the age of the guy in New Jersey.

4 Don’t know if youse caught any of the debate between the three candidates running to be the next premier. It was on the CBC last week. In case you missed it, there was Jim Prentice, Ric McIver and Thomas Lukuszuk, and they was talking about how they is different from each other and all the ones that got the Tories in hot water in the first place. What I did see left me with the same feeling eating spicy food does. All the choices look OK, but you know you are going to pay for it later.

5 Speaking of candidates. Lukaszuk was at the Farmers’ Market on Satuurday. He was giving away free Polish sausage and charging for PC memberships, instead of the other way around.

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